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Smoking a cannabis joint to fall asleep might not be a very good idea

A recent study conducted over more than a decade has delivered a novel conclusion. Indeed, it established a link between cannabis use and sleep disorders. Smoking cannabis would cause more difficulties to fall asleep, to stay asleep and would make smokers sleep too much.

Does cannabis impacts the quality of sleep?

Smoking cannabis in the evening to sleep better is a habit that concerns many people around the world. According to the followers, this plant would help to relax and would allow to sleep well. However, a study published on December 6, 2021 in the BMJ Journals states that this is just a preconceived idea. The study was conducted by the University of Toronto (Canada), in collaboration with various health organizations in the United States.

The researchers tried to understand the possible relationship between the use of cannabis on the moment and the duration of sleep by integrating no less than 21,729 volunteers between 2005 and 2018. They took into account many factors such as ethnicity, level of education, age, number of hours worked per week and other health-related criteria. Of course, the researchers also included information on sleep quality and cannabis use.

The study placed participants in three categories based on the length of their night’s sleep. The first category was for short nights (less than six hours), the second for “optimal” nights and the last for long nights (nine hours or more).

Smokers with sleep problems

The scientists asked the volunteers about their possible difficulties in finding sleep or staying asleep. They were also asked to find out more about sleeping for too long. Next, the participants were again divided into two groups: cannabis smokers who had used in the past month and those who had not. The 3,132 smokers in the sample included moderate smokers (less than 20 joints per month) and heavy smokers (more than 20 joints per month).

According to the results, 34% of moderate and heavy cannabis users reported sleeping less than six hours per night and 56% more than nine hours. In general, they reported having more problems falling asleep or staying asleep. Others also confirmed that they slept too long.

According to the researchers, heavy cannabis users are more exposed to both extremes of sleep duration. The study results are believed to be related to an unknown consequence of repeated exposure to cannabis. It may also be a reflection of underlying sociodemographic or health factors. The scientists believe that it is possible that as the body becomes accustomed to cannabis, it becomes more susceptible to sleep disturbances.