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How to vaporize your cannabidiol for maximum effects

There are many ways to consume CBD: orally by ingestion with oil, by inhalation with electronic cigarettes and e-liquids, topically with creams, etc.

There is also the method of vaporization, which allows you to enjoy the effects of plants without the inconvenience of combustion and with optimal efficiency.

What is a vaporizer?

A vaporizer, also called vaporisateur pour CBD, is a device that allows you to heat a plant material in order to extract its active and aromatic compounds. Vaporizers are different from electronic cigarettes; they do not work in the same way and are not compatible with the same products.

The principle of operation

The main principle of a vaporizer is to extract the active ingredients of plants through heat, but without burning them.

Unlike fumigation, vaporization does not create combustion and therefore no smoke or ashes. Without combustion, the quantity of harmful compounds absorbed by the body, such as tar or carbon monoxide, is drastically reduced.

The vaporizer produces vapor by slowly heating a plant to a specific temperature: the molecules are extracted from the plant in the form of vapor.

The various products you can vaporize

The vaporizer is designed to be used with plant material, most often in the form of dried plants.

These plants are chosen for their medicinal properties and are widely used in phytotherapy. Of course, this so-called alternative medicine cannot and should not replace traditional medicine: in all cases it is recommended to consult a doctor before using a plant to avoid any risk of allergy.

It is also possible to use concentrates in the form of resins, crystals or pastes. These concentrates contain a large quantity of active ingredient and must be heated at temperatures generally higher than for dried plants. Indeed, in order not to burn the herbs during vaporization, it is important to respect the temperature of each product and to always stay below the combustion point of cellulose located at 231°C.

Each product has its own temperature, so it is important to get information before vaporizing a plant or a concentrate.

How to choose your vaporizer?

There are different types of vaporizers that adapt to different styles of consumption; to be sure to make the right choice, here are the main characteristics to consider before you start.

Desktop or portable vaporizer?

Vaporizers come in two main families: lounge vaporizers and portable vaporizers.

As their name suggests, the first are vaporizers designed to be fixed, used at home for example. Quite large and requiring a connection to the mains, these devices are very efficient and have a fairly high selling price. Fixed vaporizers are made for those who wish to enjoy the benefits of vaporization at home.

Portable vaporizers are designed to be carried around easily and used at any time and on any occasion. A vaporizer of this type fits in the hand but can be more or less imposing depending on its autonomy and technical capabilities. Some devices benefit from an additional autonomy thanks to two batteries while for others it is the compactness and the practicality which is put forward.

Conductive or convective heat?

Not all vaporizers offer the same heating technology: some work by conduction, others by convection.

– Conduction heating: with this technique, the plant material is in direct contact with the heating element. With conduction, the temperature rise is generally faster; the heating is also more direct and requires special attention to avoid burning the plant material.

– Convection heating: the plant material is not in direct contact with the heating element. The air is heated upstream and then circulates through the material to extract the active components. With this system, the vape is often more qualitative but the price is proportionally higher.

Is the process healthier ?

According to various sources found across the web, vaporising your CBD or dry herbs seems to be a much healthier alternative to combustion for example. There is still not much data and many studies done on this topic to draw some conclusions. Feel free to visit this website to reach more on this topic!