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How to use a CBD vaporizer?

The electronic cigarette is now the tool of choice for smokers who want to quit smoking. Coming from the same line of thought, CBD vaporizers are taking over the cannabis market.

This device, like the traditional e-cig, allows you to inhale CBD vapor without putting your health at risk.

The vaporizer, although little known by the general public, vaporizes without combustion the dried herb mixture of one’s choice. How to properly use a CBD vaporizer? Read the following article to learn more.

Benefits of vaporizing CBD

There are two modes of cannabis consumption that are all the rage among regulars: ingestion and combustion. The rate of absorption of CBD by the body or “bioavailability” differs according to the chosen means. This one rises to 8% in case of ingestion against 20% for the inhalation.

The CBD vaporizer has the reputation of being quite a healthy technology.

By opting for vaporization over combustion of the vegetable matter, it makes it possible to avoid breathing the potential harmful substances generated during the process of combustion. Thanks to a regulated heating temperature, it extracts up to 95% of the various active properties of the cannabis in full safety. It is thus similar to phyto-inhalation.

There are many different types of CBD vaporizers available on the market

Each consumer has his or her own preferred equipment. Thus, professionals make available various types of vaporizers in order to conform to the desires and budget of their customers. There are three main categories:

– Table vaporizers, powerful but expensive, which require an electrical connection.
– Butane vaporizers that require an external heat source due to the absence of a battery.
– Compact and affordable pocket-sized vaporizers that have a battery.

You will find more explainations on this CBD vaporizer expert website!

Vaporizers offer three types of heating:

– Convection: the heat source is placed underneath the herb mixture. The hot air produced vaporizes the compound gently, so that the flavors last longer.
– Conduction: the herbal material is continuously heated by the walls of the chamber, saving the effort of a strong and long aspiration.
– Hybrid heating: a clever mix between conduction and

Which vaporizer should I pick for my cannabidiol?

A material of quality proves to be essential to benefit fully from the benefits of CBD. However, it is advised to throw its devolu on the devices provided with the system of heating by convection. The cannabis being less attacked, the flavours are more faithfully restored and the active principles are better preserved.

In addition, vaporizers with a variable temperature option allow you to modulate the heating temperature in order to personalize your experience, or even try different varieties of the hemp plant.

How to use a CBD vaporizer?

Using a CBD vaporizer correctly requires the following steps:

Prepare the plant material

The quality of the vaping experience depends mostly on the quality of the CBD prepared. The process of transforming the hemp plant into a CBD-rich vapor relies on humidity.

The compound heats up so that the substances in it vaporize. Thus, fresh grass, with a high moisture content, offers a better result. However, it is important to check the moisture content of the hemp plant. One touch is enough to determine whether it is suitable or not: the hemp should not be soft and moist to the touch, nor easily crushed into dust.

Filling the vaporizer chamber

Before you can consider filling the spray chamber, make sure to crumble the grass. This will effectively cover a larger area, as well as promote heat circulation. The resulting vapor will be denser and more pleasant to the palate. It should be noted that a uniform crumbling, obtained with a manual or electric grinder, especially in the case of the use of a mixture of dried hemp, guarantees an optimal vaporization.

Adjusting the heating temperature

Vaporization of CBD is done through the increase of temperature in the heating chamber. Thus, setting your device to the right temperature is crucial in the process. Generally, the hemp flower releases CBD as an inhalable vapor under 160 to 220 degrees Celsius. Getting the vape of your dreams often involves many trial and error sessions: the effects on the body differ depending on the temperature of the product.